Where I’ve been: Isle of Wight (Including food recommendations!)

Last weekend I went to the Isle of Wight. My family has a house down there near Newport, so it is pretty easy to organise a trip down there, although I hadn’t been in a couple of years prior to last weekend.

We went down late Friday night and didn’t get to bed until gone midnight, so we were there for all of Saturday, and for half of Sunday.

Saturday: We started off doing some standard shopping in Newport, then drove down to Culver Cliff (Sandown) and walked from the car park at the beach up to the monument at the top of the cliff and back again. From the monument you can see a lot of the island, including where I had previously been on camping trips when I was younger. The walk also gave me an excuse to dig out my camera and take some landscape shots! Something I hadn’t done in a long time 🙂





After building up an appetite – lunch! We went to The Beach Hut Cafe a dog friendly, outdoor, seafood cafe with a beautiful beach view. We shared olives to start which were marinated in garlic, and I had the mackerel pate for main. The pate was well seasoned and had large flakes of smoked makerel in it. Would definitely recommend!

Following lunch, we went back to Sandown beach, and went kayaking in the sea! Great experience, but fell out a couple times trying to get in and got sunburnt! But overall so fun! And so exhausting!

Showered, napped, bathed in after sun, off to dinner! Dinner….possibly the best restaurant I have ever been to! The Ale and Oyster House – the only restaurant I know that can even make a cheese board look incredible. Amuse Bouche: puréed parsnips, starter: sautéed scallops with pea veloute, main: duo of pork (pork belly and pork tenderloin), and dessert: deconstructed lemon meringue pie.

There are no words for how incredible the food was. I am counting down the days till I can go there again! The service there is also incredible, at most restaurants I either experience great food or a friendly atmosphere. Here you get both, and the wine is pretty great too 😂

Sunday: We went to my new favourite place in the world. Holliers Park. For a while now I have been following Chad Powell on instagram and really wanted to see his shop and buy some prints (I promise I will buy a big one soon! There were just too many choices so I settled with the cards. What I didn’t realise was he is a shop based in a building, surrounded by other homemade shops. Suffice to say I went a little crazy in there. The shortbread shop – CFO Foods – go there! Banoffee flavoured shortbread, raspberry and clotted cream, dark chocolate chip and lime, different but incredible. Hopefully the next day I go the owner of the wax art shop (Molten Magic) will be there, because they looked incredible, cannot wait to check it out one day!

Lunch time 🙂 Everytime I go to the Isle of Wight we always now end up going at least once to The Taverners. I had dipping breads to start, and twice cooked lamb shoulder roast as my main. Always incredibly cooked homely food but presented beautifully. Probably one of the best pub restaurants I have been too.

Final stop, The Garlic Farm. I am a huge lover of garlic, and I love cooking with it. Here you can taste and shop their range of garlic products, and their range of garlic bulbs. I must admit I was too scared to try their garlic ice cream!


Sadly, it was time to go home, but I will be back soon 🙂

Side note: A lot of the places I mentioned above do have instagram. Check them out!


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