My first set of acrylic nails

At 23, I had never had a set of acrylic nails before.

School didnt allow nail varnish, college was for catering so we couldn’t wear it then either, and my jobs were as a Chef so again – no nail varnish.

Any time I could have got them, money, practability, and just a general love for painting my nails a different colour every day stood in the way.

Let alone going down the route of me biting my nails or peeeling my nail varnish off whenever I’m anxious…

So yeah, no nails. Until Saturday. I went into a local nail bar and they were accepting walk-ins! I picked my gel colour to go on top (plum wine), my shape (short and square) and the technician got to work.

I didn’t really know what to expect process wise…but there was a lot of filing involved!! 45 minutes and £30 later they were done!

Bit of context – 4 years ago I shut my left thumb in a car door and split the nail bed, ever since then I have not been able to grow this nail out and get it looking nice. So I am SO happy with how they look now 😄😄 I have already booked in for a couple weeks time to get my infills done to keep them going 😊


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