Lush discontinued products

Disclaimer: This list is not confirmed by lush, this list is accumulated from other social media posts etc.

So, recently, Lush has announced a list of products they will be discontinuing, be it to make way for new products or one rumour that I have seen floating around on social media is if the product is not self preserving, they will discontinue it. So here below is the list of products I have seen floating around to be discontinued.

  • Refresher shower jelly
  • 93000 miles shower jelly
  • Trichomania solid shampoo
  • The plumps solid hair conditioner
  • Percup massage bar
  • Strawberry feels forever massage bar
  • From dusk till dawn massage bar
  • Shades of earl grey massage bar
  • Yes yes yes massage bar
  • Peace massage bar
  • Dirty massage bar
  • Devils nightcap soap
  • Layer cake soap
  • Miranda soap
  • Fizzbanger bath bomb
  • Blackberry bath bomb
  • Lava lamp bath bomb
  • Frozen bath bomb
  • Tisty tosty bath bomb
  • Razzle dazzle bath oil
  • Rub rub rub solid scrub
  • Sugar scrub body scrub
  • Pop in the bath bubble bar
  • Yuzu and cocoa bubblebar
  • Big bang bubble bar
  • Pink flamingo bubble bar
  • African paradise body conditioner
  • Atomic tooth powder
  • Mr dandys hair candy hair dressing
  • Popcorn lip scrub
  • Ayesha face mask
  • Million dollar moisturiser
  • Passion fruit lip balm
  • Sea monster fun
  • Yuzu and cocoa shower cream
  • The comforter shower cream
  • Buttered brazils lip balm
  • Sunkissed lip tint
  • It started with a kiss lip tint
  • Strawberry bombshell lip tint
  • 9 to 5 facial cleanser
  • Twinkle toes foot powder
  • Oral pleasure toothy tabs
  • Bling! Toothy tabs
  • Five o’clock whistle shaving cream
  • Ambrosia shaving cream

Now some of these I never got the chance to use, however I am going to do a last review of some of these products that I loved!

  • From dusk till dawn massage bar

I love lush massage bars. They melt on contact with skin and create a non greasy massage oil that smells incredible. This one in its cone shape has the point that can be used to apply pressure into places that may need it, and smells refreshingly citrusy. It is one I will definitely miss, however I am sure by the amount of massage bars that are going, that they will have something good coming up to replace them.

  • Sugar scrub body scrub

I have already reviewed this in an earlier post, feel free to check it out! This is something I went to lush and purchased as soon as I heard it was being discontinued so I had some in stock for now. I will miss this product and am gutted it’s going.

  • Popcorn lip scrub

I love my bubblegum lip scrub, it does the job and smells amazing. The popcorn scrub doesn’t smell too great too be honest, and from reviews I have seen elsewhere, I am not surprised this one is going. Their other lip scrubs are much nicer.

  • Fizzbanger bath bomb

Again, I have written a review of this on a previous post, and I have bought another one as soon as I found out it was being discontinued. The fresh citrus smell, beautiful colour and popping candy will be missed.

  • Blackberry bath bomb

My partner is in love with this bath bomb! I just love the purple colour the bath turns into when you use this. If you are a fan of blackberry and vanilla crumble then you would have loved this one!

  • Lava lamp bath bomb

I am shocked this one is going. Every time I spoke to someone in the stores they said this was their favourite bath bomb. The purple oils melt into the orange bath and creates a lava lamp effect whilst smelling amazing. This was one of my favourite bath bombs due to that effect and cannot believe this firm favourite is going. I hope anything to replace it will live up to it.

  • Tisty Tosty bath bomb

I have reviewed this one too! I even got my mum to buy this one for her! This was the most relaxing bath bomb I have ever used, and I very much doubt they will be able to find something to compete with this.

  • The comforter shower cream

I bought this not long before this list was announced, and even took photos of it for its own blog post…It’s the shower cream version of the popular bubble bar and smells of warm autumnal crumble dessert, the perfect comfort food. Here is what lush listed the product as on their website;

“This berrylicious, reassuring shower cream brings to mind warm, familiar memories. The blend of sweet cassis absolute, uplifting bergamot and assuring cypress essential oils create a blackcurranty aroma that’s like being wrapped in a snug hug.”

I love this shower cream and found this to be a surprisingly brilliant treat.

So what were your favourites that are going? Have you tried any of the new products being released? Enjoy! X


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