Book Review: Big Little Lies

Two books down on my 2018 reading list! This was put on my list because I wanted to read this book before watching the TV series. This is a short review, but there isn't really much to say, apart from it is a fantastic book that you should definitely read. This book literally triggered every … Continue reading Book Review: Big Little Lies


Film Review: Coco

A couple of weeks ago I went to see Pixar's newest film, Coco. It is based on Mexican traditions of 'The Day of The Dead' with prominent themes of music and family values. As per pretty much every Pixar film I have seen, I cried. The worlds that are created in such a short space … Continue reading Film Review: Coco

My Skincare Routine

Recently (better late than never) I have made a real effort to stick to a skin care routine that tries to look after my skin. At 24 I still have issues with spots during PMS and am beginning to see laughter lines around my eyes. My skin is combination, areas exceptionally oily and others much drier, and I have finally found a routine that looks after both.